November 30, 2020

‘Tis The Season of Holiday Waste, But It Doesn’t Have To Be

The beginning of December is the official start to the holiday season, although the season seems to begin earlier with each passing year. When you think of the holidays, you often think of decorating, delicious food and spending time with loved ones. One consideration that is often forgotten is the amount of waste that is produced during and after the holiday season. Household waste, as a matter of fact, increases 25% during the holiday season. In Canada, 545,000 tonnes of waste is generated from gift wrapping and shopping bags each…

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November 02, 2020

5 Unusual Hacks To Keep Food Fresh & Reduce Food Waste

It’s likely that almost everyone has experienced this frustrating scenario before: you go to the grocery store, you whimsically shop around and purchase an abundance of fresh produce and your usual go-to’s. Maybe you don’t have a particular meal in mind, but you buy these items regardless, thinking that you’ll come up with a means of incorporating them into your meal. A few days pass, you’ve neglected to cook with them, and it appears they have gone bad. Not an ideal scenario, as this means wasted food and wasted money….

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