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Garbage Can Overflowing on Garbage Day? 5 Tips to Reduce Waste

You can always tell when garbage day is near. Three words: overflowing, stinky garbage. Your garbage can starts to overflow with waste, where you have to wrestle with the trash just to make it all fit into your container. Once garbage day has come and gone, you figure that there has to be a better way to cut back on your waste consumption; a decision which not only helps you, but benefits the environment as well. In this blog, we share some tips for how to cut back on waste….

Common Items You’re Throwing in The Recycling That Belong in The Trash

It’s no word of a lie that recycling benefits the environment. If you think about it, most of what we throw away has some recyclable material. If we stopped recycling, the impact would be tremendous. Without recycling, 200 million metric tons of greenhouse gases would pollute our environment each year. We wouldn’t notice it at first. Sometimes, there’s confusion as to what should be recycled versus what should be thrown in the trash. Let’s take a look at some common items that are put in the recycling when they should…

5 Tips To Help Protect The Environment

Let’s take a moment to acknowledge how beautiful our planet is. Think for a second: you know you’ve felt it before. Maybe it’s a warm summer evening in August. You’re sitting on your dock at your cottage and the sun begins to melt into the horizon, turning a golden orange as the sky transforms into glorious hues of orange and red. April 22nd marked National Earth Day, a global initiative created to acknowledge factors that are negatively impacting our planet. Protecting the environment has always been important, but it’s essential…

5 Steps To Clear The Clutter From Your Garage

With the arrival of March, many of us are looking forward to spring and seeing the snow melt here in Simcoe County. Warmer weather and the arrival of spring means that many of us will begin to go outside to enjoy the warmer temperatures. Spring is also typically a time where we undergo spring cleaning tasks to remove any clutter that has built up in our homes, either over the winter or over time. The two most commonly cluttered areas of our homes are often the basement and the garage….