Waste Management: A Guide for Commercial Buildings

There’s no denying that commercial buildings, businesses, and retailers create a lot of waste. The average office building generates about 250 pounds of waste per employee every year! That’s a lot of trash that needs to be appropriately managed and disposed of, so let’s take steps to lessen it. If you’re looking for ways to reduce your environmental impact, develop effective waste management and disposal strategies for your commercial building. Let’s look into waste management so you can better understand how to improve yours:

Benefits Of Waste Management

Many organizations are establishing a system for removing trash. Increasingly, greater attention is being paid to waste management, and proactive organizations see the benefits of waste reduction programs.

According to EPA, some of the benefits of waste management include:

  • Greenhouse gas emissions reduction – Following the waste prevention plan and recycling offers significant potential for reducing greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Save money – increasing recycling can cut your disposal costs and improve your bottom line.
  • Improves sustainability – Managing waste and energy more efficiently are essential components of sustainability. Enhancing your organization’s sustainability can boost the corporate image, attract quality clients to your organization, and positively engage employees.

Track Waste

Tracking waste is the first step in developing an effective waste management strategy. You need to know how much waste your business is generating to set goals for reducing it. The best way to track waste is to have a waste audit conducted. A waste audit will help you identify where your waste is coming from and what can be done to reduce it.

Set Goals

Once you have tracked your waste, you need to set goals for reducing it. These goals should be specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound (SMART). An example of a SMART goal for waste reduction would be: “Reduce office paper waste by 20% within one year.”


Hire A Professional Waste Management Services

Hiring professional waste management services can also help you develop an effective waste management strategy. These services can help you with waste audits, setting goals, and implementing waste reduction programs. By following these steps, you can develop an effective waste management strategy that will help reduce your environmental impact. So don’t wait – get started today!

Consider hiring professional waste management services to achieve those goals. If commercial buildings proactively manage their waste, they can make a significant dent in the amount of waste in landfills each year. And that’s good for the environment and good for business!

Proper waste management is essential for reducing environmental impact – it can also save businesses money. Businesses that adopt sustainable waste management practices can save up to 30% on waste disposal costs! So there’s no excuse not to get started today. If you need help getting started, contact a professional waste management company. They can help you develop an effective waste management strategy tailored to your specific needs.

Georgian Waste Services works with commercial businesses and retail offices, providing weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly service. We’ll customize a waste service program based on your needs and budget. Contact us today for all your waste management needs.